Meet EVA

EVA is an end to end solution comprising of hardware, software, application & cloud. EVA provides a unique experience by using the Bluetooth® Low Energy standards. EVA has been architected & designed in India and customized for Indian customers.

EVA hardware can be deployed in a manner to define a geo-region and thus as soon as any customer walks in the proximity of the defined geo-region he gets a personalized notification on his smart device.

Once the customer is within the geo-region then he can explore the area on his smart device with unmatched experience and convenience.

EVA Hardware

EVA Hardware is created based on one of the leading semiconductor supplier’s micro-controller and runs on a simple coin-cell battery for about 24 months with the configurations pre-programmed by 3PSoft. EVA can reach to any customer within the reach of 70 meter in line of sight.

EVA hardware has gone through rigorous process of all required certifications, to name some CE, FCC, IP 67.

EVA Software

EVA Software includes the software application which can run on any iOS or Android smart devices. Once the customer enters the EVA enabled zones, EVA application running on customer’s smart device will start acting as Local Guide/Companion.

Unique features–

  • Find EVA enabled zones through nearby EVA
  • Get the Hot deals running on any shop in EVA enabled zone
  • Same application seamlessly works in all EVA enabled zones with localized experiences
  • Customer can easily explore various options on his smart device, without looking or asking anyone around.
  • Mark & save his favorite locations
  • Ability to store the coupons in Passbook, so no more need of printing

EVA Cloud

EVA Cloud enables the users to dynamically push the coupons, offerings etc at the time of their choice.

It also helps in lowering the operational cost/time & improved effectiveness for the management and shop owners. In this fast moving ever changing time it takes few clicks to update the digital directory of the EVA enabled zone and keep customers updated with the new offerings/outlets. Eliminates the need of expensive one-time static advertisements or print media. Provides equal opportunity to all the shops & offices irrespective of their location in the zone.

EVA Use Cases

EVA Use Cases based on-demand analytics can provide the insight on customer’s preferences, helping in further increased sales & revenue.